VTCember X Giveaway 2023

by Alvie

October 28, 2023

5000 VTC

14 contributors


What the proposal is about.

This proposal is for a giveaway on X (formerly known as Twitter) using the hashtag "#VTCember" in order to celebrate almost 10 years of Vertcoin, as well as celebrations for the holiday period. For the previous #VTCember, there were daily giveaways but this might be cumbersome. This time, I propose a weekly giveaway, perhaps with a contest. Full details are yet to be finalized, but this can be discussed within the community.

Who will complete the proposal?

This proposal will be completed by me (Alvie, /u/HyperGamers, AlvieMahmud#9999). I will use my own X account (@cryptovertedcom) in order to avoid legal / compliance issues, but may be able to occasionally retweeted via the @Vertcoin handle (with disclaimers etc). These details are yet to be finalised if this proposal is approved.

Why it is important for Vertcoin and the community.

Marketing has been a struggle for Vertcoin due to the lack of funds. If more people know about Vertcoin, there may be more miners and this could add additional security to the network whilst rewarding them for contributing to the network. Hopefully, this marketing on X will serve its purpose to show many users Vertcoin's strengths as a matured ASIC Resistant coin (for a decade!) and highlight its 10 year anniversary, as well as allow opportunities to market:

  • One Click Miner (OCM), easy to mine with your GPU
  • Taproot upgrade (follows Bitcoin quickly and implements updates quickly)
  • Verthash (great new algorithm giving power to the consumer miners)
  • etc

Your milestones and projected timeline

The milestone is for all necessary funds contributed to be given away by the end of 2023 / early 2024. This will be complete once a giveaway has been done for each day of December 2021. Excess funds may be forwarded to future proposals.

Funding can continue past 31st December 2023 as my own funds will be used, and I only expect to receive the payout after the event is over. Any excess funds will not be kept and can be redirected to other efforts.

Giveaway completed (2023-12-31)

To be paid: 100%

Completion date: January 1, 2024

Funds Awarded: 5014

Date: February 25, 2024