Vertcoin History Book

Christopher P. Thompson

March 14, 2022

4 contributors

Raised 72.3 of 5000 VTC

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Vertcoin History 2014-2021 Book (Hardback, Paperback and eBook)

I’ve embarked to write about blockchain-based projects which have been active for at least 8 years. As things stand, three books are nearly complete (or about to be released). They are Groestlcoin, Syscoin and DigiByte. The Vertcoin blockchain launched on 10th January 2014.

I propose to research Vertcoin historical events/milestones from 2014-2021 by collating information from different sources. Bitcointalk will be researched to gain VTC history for the period 2014-2017 and I will investigate other official VTC social media accounts, blogs, articles etc for subsequent material.

I have posted examples of the Groestlcoin history book (complete) and the Syscoin history book (nearly complete) below. The Vertcoin history book will look similar to these.

I seek funding from the community to help give me ample time to research and then write about Vertcoin. I anticipate it will take roughly 2-3 months to complete it:

Initial Funding: 5,000 VTC

  • Begin researching VTC history and structuring pages

Each following month: 5,000 VTC

Final Payment 5,000 VTC

Estimated Total Payment: 20,000 VTC

If anyone has any questions, please ask @Tyke#2495 on Discord. I have been active in the crypto space for nearly ten years.

Previous works as example



Example of Peercoin book available on Amazon

Begin initial work

To be paid: 100%

Completion date: