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Merge in upstream Bitcoin v22.0 to Vertcoin-Core

Merge in upstream Bitcoin v22.0 to Vertcoin-Core

by vertion

December 26, 2021

10000 VTC

45 contributors



Complete a merge of the next upstream Bitcoin-Core release, v22.0, to Vertcoin-Core. You can see the release notes as to what this includes here. What I am most excited for about this release is increased functionality to descriptor wallets making the importing of descriptors easier for use in taproot and multisig. This release also adds support for external hardware signers which means that you can use Vertcoin-Core instead of Trezor Suite, Ledger Live, etc. to create addresses and transactions while still signing securely on the external hardware.

I am asking for 10000 VTC to compensate my time spent on this. Once this is funded, I will release my work publicly and make a pull request to Vertcoin-Core. Only once this is reviewed and merged may funds be released to me.

Reviewed and merged into Vertcoin-Core

To be paid: 10000 VTC

Completion date: December 31, 2022

Funds Awarded: 10000

Date: January 13, 2023